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Lol loved this

This is a good short, but nothing brilliant in my opinion. The message has been said for centuries and shorts like this have been made since the dawn of animation and film in general and you did nothing new with it. That being said, it's always good for artists like you to make shorts like this to show everyone that we do not live for ourselves, we live for others.

dylan responds:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: there's nothing that hasn't been said.

Media is a four-chord remix-culture of parodies, knock-offs, reinventings, and retellings of the morals and themes from folk-stories based on fairy tales based on folk stories based on mythology based on the semi-true lives of people long dead. There's not a story out there that hasn't been told and retold.

Except for Breadheads. That one is thoroughly original.

@22 you're kinda dumb and as for this animation, this is pure shock and awe. I've loved the first 8 episodes of salad fingers for their subtleness which all seemed to support the plot but both episodes 9-10 are pure "Let's see how audiences will react this!" because the whole doctor clawing out the horses guts as salad fingers watches with no sympathy whatsoever, entirely contradicts who he is. I miss the old salad fingers who was kind and sensitive but still unconsciously inflicted harm on others. If salad fingers turns into a monster that contradicts his character again, this series has gone to shit.

The series is going more in the direction of what kind of weird things salad fingers can do aside from coming to peace with the actual plot you have created...

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